Hello, and goodbye.

Just in case you didn't notice, this site is closed. #
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Update on Campus Thingie..

My latest scores are here. Not because I want to show them off, but because I am forgetful and would rather have to look here at my blog instead of going to campus if I forget (very likely).

  • Software Engineering: B
  • File System: C+
  • Programming 3: A
  • UML: A
  • Data Mining: C+
  • Database 2: C+
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Heaven and Hell

Ketika kita berpikir bahwa Allah itu Maha Baik, terkadang otak bandel kita akan bertanya, "lalu untuk apa ada neraka?"

Tahukah kau bahwa wakil rakyat di kotaku dan mungkin menyeluruh di bangsaku tengah menuntut (dan hampir pasti mendapatkan) kenaikan gaji?

Untuk itulah neraka ada. Neraka ada untuk mengingatkanmu agar tak bertindak seperti mereka. Neraka ada untuk menenangkanmu bahwasanya segala sesuatu akan ada balasannya.


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Quick Freelancing Tips#1: How to spot potential trouble ahead.

When the project description includes something like:

I'm told/I believe that this work can be done in only a couple of hours for someone familiar with [insert subject here].

Then it's a 95.4928% chance that the work's harder than it seems, and 83.2918% chance it's going to be a difficult client to deal with.

Update: And if it says something like:

The lowest bid wins...

Then it's 194.8912% chance of a bad client.

Disclaimer: Just my 2 cents. Might not be true.


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"The" Phone.

Now this is the reason why I'm cool with using this phone bought for me by my mom. I don't need another fancy phone.

The first time I'm going to spend my money on a cellphone, it's going to be this. Yeah. Even if it's going to come to Asia in 2008. The more time I get to save money for it, the better.

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