best lyrics ever (and not-so-bad music)

The foolish dreamer who tried to reach out and grab the faint brightness they saw when they closed their eyes. With their eyes shut, they can't see the outstretched hand unsure what to do quite far out of range, and blurry. Somehow I haven't given up on myself, and I live on. If I laugh just once, it's worth crying however many times. I'm doing everything I can to rebel against fate, You're the only one who has the right to judge what you think is right or wrong. sailing day, take the helm, without waiting for the dawn, raise the sails foolish dreamer. The stupid believer who found they had met countless troubles and dangers with love. The certain brightness they saw before their eyes wide open, filled their emptied heart with purpose. and in doing so once again I urged myself onward willing to lose however many things to gain one. Doing everything I can to prove I am alive. The mistakes and errors are treasures that only I hold dear. sailing day, take the helm gather up the sadness and despair, stupid believer. everyone sends out their own ships. And the brightness each of them sees is a lighthouse. that's right! I still have my own soul. Of course I'm always willing to stake my life on just one second of living. Doing everything I can to prove I am alive. loss and regret are treasures that have meaning only for me. sailing day, take the helm gather up all those days of adventuring, stupid believer Doing everything I can to rebel against fate There's a lighthouse whose light shines only on me and will never fade away. sailing day, take the helm the foolish dreamer who raises the sails hapilly amidst a storm we're all believers eternal dreamers.
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»Blogger Eroboy

Hmmm....iki tah lirik'e ?
Huahahaha.....jadi inget someone...
Lho band Jepang tah Inggris se? Lirik'e pancen boso Inggris ?
Wah jadi penasaran sama lagunya...
Yosh !! I'll find it next time !!

Btw, One Piece lengkap Insya4JJ sampe sing paling anyar. Chapter 408 lek gak salah. Njaluk a? ngenteni aku mulih ng Malang ae. v^____^v

4:58 PM 
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