Quick Drop

Things been pretty slow lately, hum? Been working on homeworks, mostly, since school will be starting again in a week. Not too bad, actually, and I think I just *accidentally* learned OpenGL.

So the story's like this. See, there's this class, Multimedia Concept, where this group had to do some presentation about a work done in OpenGL. To this day I still don't know the reason, but they turned to me to help explain all those OpenGL codes. And me, I know pretty much nothing about OpenGL; but I know logic, and I sort of explained to them based on what I think what the code does.

Well, say, when I saw glPush(), for example, I would just say that it pushes the data into OpenGL's stack. And so on. Silly stuff like that.

And that's that. The trouble came when one of a friend fell into the impression that I'm some kind of OpenGL wizard, so she asked me about this very troubling task she wanted to do with OpenGL, which is part of her final paper. Being the dumb person that I am, I accepted to help her (I just said, "well, this is year 2006, I believe that's doable in OpenGL". Although the fact is I really have no idea how to do it).

And so. I just spend these few days reading books like 'OpenGL Super Bible' and the Red Book. And so I think I just accidentally learned OpenGL. Oh God.

Update: Stupid me. Just visited friendster.com. I don't know why, but I always felt terrible: dizzy, want to vomit, etc, whenever I saw my friends, heard the news etc. I don't know why. I will go home right now. Anyway, this won't matter to most of you.

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Company slogan = website?

A bunch of slogan-to-url that actually redirects to the website of the company that owns that slogan (use the link to find out what's the company name):

..and so on. Got better things to do than to do this little game :)

PS: anyway, for those of you who can read Indonesian language, Ini Bangsamu is updated.

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Exciting Times!

We're all naive and clueless. All we know is a little bit of coding. We don't know crap about business. We would rather watch a progress bar during a download rather than go and make proposals.

Yet, here I am. Calling up my favorite real-life friends to make a software house. This is crazy, yet exciting, times.

We have some system analysts, database specialist, windows programming expert, download-addict, and professional procrastinator (that would be me).

The plan is far from perfect. In fact, there is no plan! We will have to think more about it.

I would love to hear some support/guidance regarding the business side of things (i.e. how to offer to sell something, how to get clients, how to make proposals and contracts, stuff like that). Here I am, speaking on behalf of a bunch of helpless CS guys who knows nothing about moneymaking. Help us.

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Rolling Star!

Takes so long to log into blogger, for some reason. For the past few weeks I've been working on a few projects, and school assignments(!). And it's been tiring, really. In a quick review, here's what I've been doing lately: webdesign, coding, homework, writing books, listening to YUI, reading.

I truly wish I could blog.

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