Exciting Times!

We're all naive and clueless. All we know is a little bit of coding. We don't know crap about business. We would rather watch a progress bar during a download rather than go and make proposals.

Yet, here I am. Calling up my favorite real-life friends to make a software house. This is crazy, yet exciting, times.

We have some system analysts, database specialist, windows programming expert, download-addict, and professional procrastinator (that would be me).

The plan is far from perfect. In fact, there is no plan! We will have to think more about it.

I would love to hear some support/guidance regarding the business side of things (i.e. how to offer to sell something, how to get clients, how to make proposals and contracts, stuff like that). Here I am, speaking on behalf of a bunch of helpless CS guys who knows nothing about moneymaking. Help us.

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»Blogger nindya

me me me me me me me me *waves maniacally*

me me me me me me me me *jumps maniacally*

ooooh, can i? can i?

1:14 PM 
»Blogger Eroboy

Kenalan dunk ma download-addict nya...barangkali bisa share something..nyehehehe

8:30 AM 
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