Beberapa hari lalu gw mikir tentang satu hal bagus. And, being the kind-hearted guy that I am, I'd share.
You may think negatively only if you use that thought to make a solution about:
a) how to prevent that negative thing from happening. b) how to recover when that negative thing happens anyway.
You heard it first here, folks! Spread the words!
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»Blogger dahlia

Pid !!!!!

SENSei masuk koran lOH !!!

nah kan ga sia sia , kamu angkat sensei jadi GURU muh

hayuuu murid kuh...

kembalilah ke perguruan...

nanti malem YM an yuk

1:22 PM 
»Anonymous Anonymous

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

3:32 AM 
»Anonymous Anonymous

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