Focus. Focus.

Since yesterday, I've been practicing on one thing. Focus. Part of it is inspired by the chat at SVN about watching Tiger Woods in person, while playing a competitive golf game. Me, I believe that your mind can alter things. And most importantly, I believe your mind can alter *yourself*.

I've gotten to the point that I came to think, "wow, I guess I just modded my brain." You see, I exercised focusing while driving. And to help myself focus, I break everything I saw into two things: safe path (the road I should take to return back home safely) and obstacles (everything else I should not bump into). I kind of decided that safe path should look green, obstacles are red.

And after a certain point, I actually saw green and red things, moving frantically, updated real-time. My brain actually translated all I saw into red and green objects. I don't know if it helps me focusing; but it did feel both weird and interesting at the same time.

Oh, and I think I've found a solution about a long-standing problem. I've been looking for a way to store my ideas quickly, whenever I am, whatever is happening. I've been thinking about using note books, or maybe on a cell phone, or laptops, or whatever. But now that I think of it, nothing can beat the Kottke way (I'm too lazy to find the actual blog post, so I link to the main page instead): a piece of paper

Bring a piece of fresh A4 paper everyday, fold it so it fits into your pocket, get a pen, and you're set. This is the first day I'm doing this: everything seems working well. I've scribbled notes about what I'm going to write here, my ideas on building intranets, blog design realign, and whatever.

Been fun.

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kewl :D

gw kemarin nyoba, tapi jadi rada puyeng. mungkin belum terbiasa kah?

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