If I die today..

..what would happen then? What have I done today?

I will have met a friend and, at least, left a good memory.

I will have, at the last day of my life, struggled to keep a good relationship with a certain someone.

I will have left my parent in confusion. I've forgotten to inform my parents where I'm going today. I'm out now and they don't have any idea where I am.

I will have fulfilled my responsibility to a client; but will not be able to do the revision he'd asked.

I will remain a very thin guy; Won't be too heavy for anyone carrying my dead body to the cemetery. Good. I don't want to burden others while I'm already dead.

I will have left ala-id unchanged, 3 articles only. I have more translations ready, but I won't have the chance to post them.

I will die young, a 21 years old guy trying to be a good person in general. I know God is watching, I don't know if I've already put a good enough show.

Those are the things that came across my mind. What about you? What if you die today?

If I die tomorrow, I'd be alright / because I believe that after we're gone / the spirit carries on (The Spirit Carries On -- Dream Theater)
Truly, I love death more than a baby loves his mother. (Ali bin Abi Thalib)
Death is a resting time for a Muslim. (Ali bin Abi Thalib)
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»Blogger nindya

If I die..

1. People will miss this 1337 blogger! XD~ I'm great, I know.. *dilempar*

2. I could meet Him. I miss Him already, been crying these several nights.

3. Nothing changed. 'If you die, nothing will change. But if you live, maybe something will change. What's your decision?' - Genjou Sanzo (Gensoumaden Saiyuuki)

4. I die before I could fulfill my promise - take my whole family to Hajj.


6. ... At least I could take some rest... Bye bye you puny mortals who working under crimson sun, laboring yourself till death XD~ *digetok*

10:32 AM 
»Blogger nindya


Uh.. But I don't know whether He wants to accept me or not. I'm not a good servant of Him. But if He called me then.. So be it.


10:35 AM 

I would not wish to develop this theme.

11:01 PM 
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