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Reading Kappa, I had this one question that keeps bugging me. What kind of American product that I've been used day-by-day? What would happen if America just collapse?

First concern is food. Hmm, I mainly just ate whatever my mom cooks, rice and stuff that I'm pretty sure is produced here (rice is probably imported from somewhere, but not America--I guess). I don't really dig McD's or Starbucks or the likes, and only rarely drinks Coke etc. So, I think I will survive if suddenly there's no Uncle Sam.

And then, clothing. Well, I don't know where my clothes came from, but I guess they're either local product or faked-brand product from Taiwan or whatever. I don't wear American-brand shoes. I guess in this case I'm pretty safe as well.

What about PC and stuff? Well, this is one big concern. I use XP, Firefox, and various other programs, mostly from American software manufacturers. If they one day disappear, well, at least I still have the copy, but if I am not allowed to use these American apps, hmm, I think I won't survive long. Will have to find another job, methink..

Next, music. I listen to YUI these days, and she's Japanese. The American band I listen to would be Dream Theater, but whatever that is, it won't matter much if I can't hear American songs again. Oh, and I do not own iPod.

What else, what else? Transportation? I use a Honda motor, running on gasoline made by.. I don't know. Probably not the American. But if it's true, well, I will be pretty much crippled. I need my motor.

I'm running out of ideas. I guess that's the conclusion for now: without America, I will probably have to find another area of interest, since computing (and Internet!) will not be available for me. Hmm, I guess I'm good at farming (at least based on my Harvest Moon saved games!)

But, wait a second, my copy of Harvest Moon is translated in the USA! Zing!

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