Between Rizqi and Money

I had just been told this:

When you work, never think that you're looking for money. Look for Allah's rizqi instead.

This caused an explosion in my brain. A screeching halt. A change.

That is so very true. Currently I am still not very sure how to define rizqi, but I am sure I have headed to a better direction from now on. Will be sure to learn more.

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»Anonymous bram

If you're looking for money in the first place, join MLM instead^^
ga usah sinau duwur2, ga usah dadi programmer, dodolan lalapan iwak wader ndek sby ae omzet-e 7 jeti sedino huahahaha.....

11:58 AM 
»Anonymous Anonymous

Huahahaha...Yeah, that sentences kinda inspire me too. Subhanallah..

11:41 AM 

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9:45 AM 
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