Indonesia under Internet Emergency!

Due to the massive earthquake in Taiwan two days ago, up to 80% of internet connection coming from Indonesia to the world is dead.

Yesterday I had a hard time looking for working internet connection, but to no avail. Alhamdulillah (and I am really really grateful to Allah SWT), my usual internet cafe is unaffected--or at least the connection is still working okay to me.

I would like to say a lot about this, but for now my mind is actually too full of gratefulness to Allah. So, I would shut. If you would like to learn more about this situation, kindly refer to the following articles (in Indonesian language, all from

Dirjen Postel Bahas Darurat Internet

Internet 'Sekarat' Bisa Berminggu-Minggu

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»Anonymous Anonymous

Yay. No more Indonesian porn spam.

2:20 AM 

wew terimakasih gan, sangat menginspirasi sekali artikelnya

2:36 PM 

terimakasih, betul sekali saya setuju dengan pemikiran mas tetnag artikel asli ketikan sendiri

2:38 PM 
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