Just another morning for the newbie freelancer.

While I certainly am not flying from systems to systems, smuggling illegal goods or having acrobatic combat with pirates, like I used to do playing this particular game, I can say that today I am busy freelancing, thanks to this uber-helpful post by orangbebas.

Due to this, I am often (if not always) online pretty early in the morning, checking emails and stuff. This is pretty fun, as far as I can say. My only concern is that I might never get any webdesigning project if I don't have a portfolio up online. My current almost-positive project is this one where I have to build a WP plugin (half done by now), which is actually not a service that I have in mind (I want to design, not code). But hey, if I can do it, why not, right? I am too young a freelancer to be picky.

In one hour time, I will have to be present at campus, MS Office training. What the? I'm not saying that I'm good with Office, but I'm a Computer Science student. To graduate, the rule is for all of us to have an Office-trained certificate, which IMO is pretty silly. We are probably more capable of making these progs, rather than using it. But whatever. I hope I can have internet access from campus, so I can do something more productive instead.

Links: The 25 BEST things ever said, by anyone. Disagree with the title, but is a fun read anyway.

TOP 20 All-Time Stupid Republican Quotes. My knowledge about the Republican Party is about as much as my knowledge about the names of regions in Pluto, but this is an even funnier read. Enjoy.

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