Oh my. ALA-id!

These last months, I think I just completely forgot that there's this site called ALA-id, which is aimed to translate articles from A List Apart into Indonesian language. And worse, I am supposed to keep it growing! My memory is just too terrible!

As of now, there are only three articles there (although the fact is I have more translations ready in my HD). I'm really looking forward to revive (and promote) ALA-id. Anyone care to help? (especially on the promoting part. I'm not famous, as you all know :p )

Links links:

How to choose (and remember) good password. I desperately need to try this.

Photoshop CS3 Alpha out tomorrow! (via The Apple Blog). I don't have a Mac, but I'm practicing. Haha.

Vista will create 100,000 new jobs in IT, and that for every $1 Microsoft makes from Vista, the IT industry will earn $18. What the hey?

Collections of stupid questions and whatnot. Knowledge is power!

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