Go. To. Logopond.Com. Right. Now.

Because I just saw the logo that I created being listed as member favorites. I think this is an important moment. Check it out (valid per January 1, 2007).

Go go go!

PS: It's gone already from the front page. But you can always check my showcase page.

posted@10:40 AM

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»Anonymous Anonymous

(Java Mode : on) Iku maksude steker tah ? Aku kaget pas nontok ono Lovehate nang situse..hehe..mbok lebokno pisan tah ?

3:13 PM 
»Blogger hafiz

yups steker
lambang sesuatu yang gampang banget digunakan, ga perlu mikir :D

Iyo tak lebokno.. kabeh gambar2 sing aku nemu2 ndek hd taklebokno, gae portofolio :D :D

11:07 PM 
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